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3 Models Available

Model B: Fast and responsive, for carriages 36 inches and smaller

Model C: Same as B, but larger, more torque for carriages up to 48 inches.

Model D: The Heavy Duty Answer! This mammoth beast has bigger shafts, thicker steel, and more power (8,000 lbs Lift and 5,000 lbs Push!!!!!!).


C Log Turner

Why Choose HELLE?!

  • COIL SPRINGS! Allows Head Cushion Return
  • Optional electric over hydraulic control package
  • HELLE cylinder that is built tough
  • Heavy duty bearings to take the pounding
  • Welded teeth on heavy duty chain with rollers
  • Best of all, it is the standard by which others are judged



B Log Turner

It's Better To Plant a Tree, Than To Cuss A Logger.
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