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The Helle Shaving Mills!

We now offer TWO models of shavings mills! The HELLE End Dogging Shaving Mills and Box Shaving Mills! We're your one stop for shaving mills!

The End Dogging Mill with Shaving Heads:

           A totally new concept in shaving production has been introduced by Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc.  The people who designed the Helle Scragg Mill have incorporated the dual function design into shaving mills.  By installing vertical shaving heads in place of the normal husks a revolutionary product is born.

           The Helle Shaving Mill allows the operator to take advantage of the accuracy of the Sawtech Computer System and the speed of the Helle Hydrostatic Feedworks to end dog small logs and produce planned surface cants.

           The inherit advantage is that the entire line of production from the live deck to the green chain sees cants at one end and shavings at the other, all without being touched by human hands. The first one of these can be seen operating in Northwest Arkansas at B&C Shaving mill.  The mill has twin 30 Hp shaving heads with 12 knife cutters that the operator can set to optimum depth with his Sawtech Computer.  The feed rate is set by the superb control afforded by the 40 Hp Helle Hydrostatic Feed.  Meanwhile the sawyer is comfortably positioned in an air-conditioned cab with all electric controls to insure a quiet and productive environment. 


The Box Shaver comes in two models:

  • 5' Model with 2 knifes and 8' Model with 4 knifes
  • 50 HP Per Knife
  • 5' Model Produces Approximately 35 Yards Per Hour, 8' Model Produces Appromately 55 Yards Per Hour
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Operation Providing Stable Control
  • Best Priced Shaving Mill On The Market! CALL US TODAY! Units located across the country
The Box Shaver



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