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- 8 Sets
- 8 Stack & Fill Patterns
- 8 Call Positions
- 2 Memories
- Shim In/Shim Out
- Automatic Compensation For Temperature And Wear
- COLOR Touchscreen Operation
- Entire Systems Fits In ONE Box In Front Of Operator
- Feedback Device Is A Small Rugged Rotary Encoder and Rugged Transducer For The Edger Saws
- Our Competition Uses A Fragile Expensive Temposonic Rod


2 MBOF (Modified Best Opening Face) - Automatically sets the carriage and vertical edger for your preset board width.

4 SETS FOR EACH EDGER BLADE - Set the Vertical Edger blades either from the headblock or the other blade(s).

AUTOSAW - Simplifies the operation of the setworks and allows the vertical edger to track the carriage.

DROP AND GO/MASTER ALL CLEAR - Automatically drops the cant when done and opens up the carriage, dogs, tapers and vertical edger for the next log.

RECORDS - Reports at the end of the day the number of sets done during the day by thickness.

Need More Features?  Check Out The SawTech or HELLE-Tech Setworks

It's Better To Plant a Tree, Than To Cuss A Logger.
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