The HELLE Drag Chain

For years, we sought the best method for moving sawdust out of a sawmill. After many installations we took stock of what was available and what we had learned:

Blowers: Too noisy, high maintenance, used way too much horsepower, didn’t collect from edgers very well, and the EPA and the neighbors took a dim view of the result.

Barn Cleaners: Did the job ok, but were a nightmare to install, cost a small fortune, the drives were designed by a government committee and the maintenance ranked a small notch below the blower!

Belt Conveyors: Forget that from the onset, as it just plain doesn’t work!

Augers: This will move the sawdust but you have to funnel it into a small space. The biggest objection to the auger is safety. Ask any farmer.

ENTER: The HELLE Drag Chain

  1. Rugged as the channel iron the flites are made from.
  2. 38″ wide, 4″ high, made to go under headsaws and edgers.
  3. Hydraulic Drive, 2 sprockets and 4 feet of roller chain means as close to zero maintenance as one will get in this lifetime.
  4. Low cost because we sell a lot of them!
  5. Superb design and construction results in a quiet operation.
  6. If a piece of wood wedge into the chain or flite it will merely lift the relief valve and stop running. No motors to burn up, belts to break, or gears to snap off a tooth.
  7. Customers report that they would never go back to barn-cleaners, blowers or belts!

GOT BARK? Get a HELLE Bark Conveyor!

Just like the HELLE Drag Chain but with larger flites, covers over the chain, larger panning and a bigger drive!! CONTACT US TODAY!

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