Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc is now offering a “drop in” replacement for your existing setworks. We are now offering a small, compact unit that will effectively replace your existing other computerized setworks easily and effortlessly. Contact us today to discuss this further. In the meantime browse our different setworks:

Sawmill Hydraulics, Inc is proud to offer 3 different types of computerized setworks.
Click on the setworks for more information.

The HELLE-Tech Setworks

- 2 Line Display
- 8 Sets

The Sawtech Setworks

- Touch Screen
- Stack & Fills
- Memories

The Total Tech Setworks

- Touch Screen
- Includes Vertical Edger Setworks
- Computerized Dog & Taper Control
- Autosaw

The HELLE-Tech Setworks

The computer that acts like a cam limit system without the cam limits. This all fits in the same small box as the original HELLE Setworks. The sawyer no longer has to get out of the saw cab to adjust his sets, he can do this from the comfort and ease of his seat, SAVING TIME!

  • 8 Board Sets – 8 Different Board Thicknesses Selection Switches. You can adjust these from the sawcab.
  • 8 “Go To” Sets – 8 Different Sets For Pre-Determined Knee Positions. These sets are designed to send your knees to a pre-determined location.

Sawtech Setworks

Sawtech, A State of the Art Control System, was designed by a team of engineers with over 50 years experience and is adaptable to hydraulic and electric carriages (consult factory for air carriages). This 3rd and 4th generation team delivers what the industry has long awaited. Sawtech has many features that takes a good sawyer and makes him better.

  • 8 Board Sets 
  • 8 Cant Sizes
  • Stack & Fill:  Bring the knees to the saw line.  Put your stack together by entering the board size and then the cant size.  Sawtech will do the math for you determining shim, calculating kerf and more!
  • 2 Memories:  Once you’ve made face 1 and face 2 – save those and bring the knees right back to them.


All the features of Sawtech BUT includes the Vertical Edger Setworks!

  • 8 Sets
  • 8 Stack & Fill Patterns
  • 8 Call Positions
  • 2 Memories
  • Shim In/Shim Out
  • Automatic Compensation For Temperature And Wear
  • COLOR Touchscreen Operation
  • Entire Systems Fits In ONE Box In Front Of Operator
  • 4 Sets Per Edger Blade – Can be established to be off the headblock or between blades
  • Probes are built into the cylinders. Measures exact distance traveled and protects the probes.
  • Display shows edger blade position.
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