Scragg Mills

The HELLE Scragg Mill

  • Overhead end dogging really pumps out the ties, cants and flitches
  • High production of the products that are in big demand
  • Competitively priced
  • Now available with scanning
  • Shave the edging strips into shavings or chips!.
  • Computer controlled setworks giving the control and accuracy for tight tolerances!
  • Works With The Scanning Package, achieve edged slabs for resaws or a board!

HELLE Scragg Husks

HELLE Scragg With Shaver Heads

HELLE Scragg With Vertical Edgers

Helle Scragg With Chain Cant Seperation/Slab Dump


  • Fast Processing of logs 4′ To 12′ (18′ & 20′ Optional)
  • Scanning System Automatically Positions The Log And Saws
  • Diameters Of 4 to 16”, 4 to 24”, and The Monster: 4 to 30”!
  • Hydrostatic Carriage Feed
  • All Electric Over Hydraulic Controls, Which Means:
    • No Manual Valves
    • No Oil Lines To The Saw Cab
    • No Noise In The Cab!
  • Self contained hydraulic system on the carriage, no oil lines on the pantograph.
  • Computer controlled setworks giving the control and accuracy to cut grade off BOTH sides, in one pass!
  • Superior design in clamping and positioning to give you the BEST in control.
  • Cant Transfers and Drop Belt for fast reliable sorting and transferring of the finished product and slabs
  • Optional Independent Husk Control

Integrated Vertical Edgers

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